Business Process Outsourcing Service

Once you have outsourced the projects to Wai On, everything is effortless while bringing you peace of mind. We are your best business partner, in particular, our BPO service is best to serve and handle your internal document processes.

BPO is a cost effective service, we provide you flexibility for emergency large volume document processes. It requires delivery on time and high accuracy. Our service includes the outsourcing services in back office and front office.

We deliver a range of enterprise-class solutions for documents and data management services as well as forms processing which enable your organization to access, integrate and manage all the data at ease. The system is designed to improve your operational efficiencies. These solutions also incorporate a unique set of processes, standards, resources and technologies.

Document (Data Entry Process) and Management Solution:

Wai On’s Data Entry Process Services is an outsource document handling services.It makes your document works become effortless. We serve the enterprises and government departments, especially the tax data management for Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of the Government of the HKSAR.
It includes the Reliable Data Entry Service and Database Management Service. The data entry processes the large volume of data into files by electronic or hard copies.
Despite the huge amount of complex data, Wai On’s services of Data Entry Process and Database Management guarantees an accuracy level up to 99.995%.

Forms Processing and Management Services:

Wai On’s Form Processing Service is provided either by data entry manually or with automatic system. We have loaded with profuse experience of processing assorted forms, regardless of structured e-forms or non-structured (hard copies) versions that are undertaken with our service.The operation is searchable and maintainable. We assemble massive file storage by providing one-stop input to enterprise document repository solution.
For voluminous hardcopies (i.e. paper document, bills, directory, name cards…), we transform the data while turning into Softcopies by our unique process.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Data Processing Services:

Over the years, we have been delivered the IPO (Initial Public Offering) Data Processing Service for the listed companies and banks. Our services have achieved a high leavel of customer satisfaction because we can complete the projects within the limited schedules, time saving on staff recruitment and training, in addition to cost saving.

OCR and Indexing: 

Wai On provides the document scanning and filing service. We use the OCR machines to convert the contents to the e-files. The index system improves the accessibility and simplifies the searching process on the databases. It also allows the users to sort the structure data rapidly from various categories on the system.In addition, it facilitates the data management on the document repository system.

IT Staff Outsourcing and Recruitment Services:

With our IT outsourcing HR Recruitment expertise, we hire the appropriate talents for your companies according to the matched, experience and techniques to ease simplify your human resource planning and management. We are familiar with the job requirements on the specific skill sets and job natures in the IT industry and relevant industries.

We hire talents which are according to your requirements, whatever the secondment, specific or routine jobs, such as Programmers, Engineers, Technicians and Technical Support Services (TSS), 24 x 7 backfilled support staff, etc.

Call Centre and Help Desk Services:

Our service brings you peace of mind once you have outsourced the process to us. We specialize in providing efficient and fully-customized call centre and help desk services. We have developed the sophisticated call centre platforms (inbound/outbound) and help desk system, while supported by well-trained professionals to serve your clients to achieve their satisfaction.

On top of the onsite services, we apply state-of-the-art technology in connecting with clients for the all-rounded support. Our technical staffs ahieve this by providing professional services in your company with real-time support and onsite repairing when necessary.