IT Outsourcing

IT Staff Recruitment

Based on our expertise in Human Resource and Recruitment Services, we hire the appropriate talents for your companies. We are familiar with the job requirements and capability assessment. This allow us to arrange IT experts of highest caliber that could fit your needs on job capabilities and even specific skill sets. Wai On is the trusted advisor to you who are looking for truly capable IT professionals.

System Maintenance

As your business grows, so do your need for professional IT support. We leverage a depth of expertise and professional approaches for optimizing the use of IT resources to deliver operational and maintenance management solutions.

We apply state-of-the-art technology in connecting with clients for the all-rounded support. Our technical staffs achieve this by providing professional services in your company with real-time support and onsite repairing when necessary.

IT Equipment Relocation

From system setup to relocations, we blend our customer’s needs with emerging technologies to provide a seamless relocation service of IT, infrastructure and computer equipment. As we pay attention to every detail, our technical project teams are well prepared to provide in-depth consultancy and planning of all your technology relocation needs along the stages of pre-move, move and post-move. Our experts would minimum your business impact and risk in order to ensure the process fluency.

Cabling, Network and Infrastructure

Network and infrastructure are the cornerstones and critical parts of the business process. The need of effective optimization is also the crucial step in the organization.

A reliable cable connection is important to the company’s daily communication. Wai On experienced engineers provide installation service of structured cabling through multi-floors and connects within different rooms. The installation includes Cat. 6, Cat.5e network cables and Optical Fibres.

We take pride in providing you with complete insight into your network and infrastructure functionality by creating tailor-made assessment, resources redeployment and system re-engineering. As we are geared towards high performance enhancement, our services always yield the best results.

Application Development and Web Design

We offer tailor-made application development that can streamline your complex systems to maximize efficiencies and optimize enterprise application investment. From proposal to operation, Wai On is the ultimate solution.

In the internet era, every organization is trying to strengthen the corporate identity. This usually takes time, passion and effort for building up a respected and trusted website. To cope with this, we dedicate to provide a complete range of web design and development service as we know how to develop a visually appealing, trusted and easy-to-navigate website for you.

Our team of highly skilled programmers, developers and designers are ready to make such impact and deliver “on-time” and “in-budget” results.