IT Training

In Wai On, our mission is becoming your trusted business partner and the IT professional leader of IT outsourcing and consultation services. In addition we also provide the training of skill transferring for staff to fit the organizational needs.

ITIL Certificate Courses
ITIL® is a world-renowned IT Service Management recognition, most of the world class enterprises and Government Departments require the ITIL® recognized professionals for the quality standard.

We help your staff to achieve the ITIL®’s recognition. The courses are from foundation to expert levels. These certificate courses encompass applicable functions such as IT resolving techniques, service operation, information security management, quality assistance, service continuity management, infrastructure management, cost management as well as the life cycle management.

Wai On provides SharePoint training program. It is designed to help the IT professionals to deploy and manage SharePoint and customize its applications for enhancing wide collaboration, in order to improve the organizational efficiency by workflow and knowledge management.

For the best implementation of Office 365 and Exchange Online, Wai On offers the tailor-made training programs for client’s organizations to maximize the productivity and optimize operational efficiencies through the use of Microsoft’s most up-to-date technologies. From our hands-on IT trainings delivered by our Microsoft Certified Trainers, it allows your team to learn and master the Office 365 techniques and functions on:

Lync Online

Exchange Online

SharePoint Online